Our Goal

At Traveo, we believe that the Business Travel world is still in the archaic world and small innovations can help business traveller immensely while bringing in lot of cost benefits to organizations. A fully committed and experienced team at the crux which knows that product and services co exist so the experience is outstanding for everyone. Our team is committed and work diligently round the clock to provide its customers with best in the industry Travel Management experience.
Our experienced team from IIM and IIT focus on small nuances and make the whole experience WOW!

Our Story

Once upon a time there were two regular guys who were passionate about doing things that could take at least some hassles out of our already very hectic lives. They talked to people far and wide and heard that both employees and management in companies of all sizes complained about pains involved in managing corporate travel and related expenses. Being IT consultants themselves they could also relate with the pain a business traveller goes through while planning a trip or filing an expense claim.
One fine day they decided that it was time that innovations were brought in enterprise solutions space - a travel and expense management solution which can provide business benefits to company management while easing out employees pain.
And Voila! Traveo was born.

The Team

Manish is Co-Founder of Traveo

Manish Kataria


Manish is a dreamer who is passionate about finding new and better ways to do things.
Manish is an alumnus of IIM Lucknow and has 12 years of professional experience covering a wide spectrum of roles from product developer to a business development personnel. He has travelled across 10 countries with a dream to see all the countries in the world.

Sameer is Co-Founder of Traveo

Sameer Kakar


Sameer is an executer who gets things done in effective and efficient manner.
Sameer has around 8 years of professional experience and an alumnus of MDI Gurgaon. He has executed complex campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and travelled on business and personal trips.