Business Benefits

Traveo is driven by smart AI algorithms and has the most advanced corporate travel management solution which offers mutlitple business benefits

One Click Trip Planning

AI driven personal assistant to plan your complete business trip automatically with a single click - even for complicated itineraries.

Automated Booking

No need to contact multiple agents, travel desks or websites to book travel. Traveo automatically books all your business travel.

Automated Expense Reports

Let Traveo create your expense reports automatically. Just click pictures of your receipts with our Traveo App and Voila! Your expense reports are ready.

Policy Compliance

Businesses can rest assured that Traveo will check all travel requests and expense reports for policy compliance.

Advanced Analytics

Finance department gets advanced analytics showing policy violations, expenses across categories, projects and even what amount was lost due to non-compliance with travel policy.

Trip Cost Optimization

Traveo automatically optimizes entire trip and not just air fares to reduce cost for the company while ensuring convenience for the employees.


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  • Trip Planning
  • Trip Bookimg
  • Employee Incentive
  • Standard Policy Configurator
  • Travel Admin Dashboard
  • Expense Management
  • Standard Approval Workflow
  • Email Support

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  • All Standard Plus Features
  • Advanced Policy Configurator
  • Customized Approval Workflow
  • Custom Reports
  • Phone Support

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Optimize your Business Travel cost now

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